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Dr Dirk Classen Cordes

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Our cooperation with selected Spanish and foreign doctors is based on personal and special experience, thus guaranteeing a high international medical standard corresponding to and just as reliable as the standards in your home countries. Should a referral become necessary, we will, of course, inform our colleague about the problem or disease in question. In case of language difficulties (most colleagues speak several languages), we will be happy to assist you.

Blood tests, tissue specimen tests and special examinations - if not performed by us - will be carried out by colleagues/laboratories whose standard and reliance has been carefully checked by us.

If in-patient treatment and hospitalisation cannot be avoided, we shall personally take care of you. Should operations in our fields of specialisation become necessary, we can offer our long term experience as senior physicians and perform the surgery ourselves. The private Spanish hospitals, with whom we cooperate, offer most advanced equipment and state-of-the-art instruments, and are normally above the average hospital standard (in contrast to some Spanish state hospitals). Follow-up care at home can either be performed by your GP or by us visiting you.


Drugs prescribed by us are internationally recognised preparations that are also known under similar names in your home country. The price of those preparations usually is clearly below what they would cost at home. You pay for them here but will be reimbursed at home without any problems.



As a rule, you receive a detailed invoice about medical treatment and therapies provided by us, which you then send to your insurance company. As a rule, you will get reimbursed, since costs incurred here are usually not higher than at home. Should there be any problems, we shall be happy to assist you.

Special examinations of blood and tissue specimen, which are not performed by us, are nevertheless paid for at our community practice, since we settle the respective invoices directly with the performing partners.

Should an in-patient hospital therapy or a long-term therapy be necessary, we shall be happy to clarify any issues concerning cost coverage with your hospital in advance.



Should there be any questions regarding your invoice, please do not hesitate to ask for further information. We would also appreciate any positive or negative criticism, as this will help to improve patients' satisfaction.

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